Anna Radulovski

Hello there! My name is Anna, your "English Lessons Plovdiv" (ELP) teacher. It is my ineffable please to meet you!

What did bring you here? There might be some reasons why you are reading this right now, right? I guess you want to learn something, don’t you? Don`t tell me what it is! Let me guess… You want to learn to speak and write freely in English?
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Learn English - for Beginners

The idea of learning foreign language comes to your mind quite often. Am I right? But as always there are some reasons not to do it. Something like lack of time or money or motivation or just a simple wish. Or what is better probably you had some bad experience learning it, so you don't see the point of starting again. 

English for Career and Business

With English as the global language of choice for all aspects of business, many corporations expect their employees and business partners to use spoken and written English to communicate effectively either at work or whenever they about work. In our Business English classes, you will learn not only how to express yourself more fluently and confidently while communicating with clients, employees, colleagues, business partners. 

General Business English

The rapid breakdown of national barriers over the last decade has resulted in English language skills acquiring lots of importance in business circles. The vast majority of companies list English amongst the essential qualities required for posts at management level. A lack of English skills is a serious handicap to any young aspiring professional and not just young.

Private English Lessons in Plovdiv

Private English Lessons is perfect for you if you wish to combine your work or studying, limited by time and satisfy your needs connected to English. These Classes are for people with limited time who need to maximize their progress during the time available. Individual lessons with a private tutor provide a highly effective method of learning a language, whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner. We always recommend private tuition if you have specific objectives or very limited time available.