Learn English - for Beginners

Learn English - for Beginners

The idea of learning foreign language comes to your mind quite often. Am I right? But as always there are some reasons not to do it. Something like lack of time or money or motivation or just a simple wish. Or what is better probably you had some bad experience learning it, so you don't see the point of starting again. 

Sometimes we just postpone some things for tomorrow, which apparently could make our lives better. Tomorrow we are going to go to the gym, quit smoking, leave the job we don't like or start learning English. So why not start it today? We have a good reason for that.The 1st lesson is for free! Nothing is lost for trying. You have a chance to change your life opening up new horizons and possibilities with knowledge of the English language.

Who Should take this Course?

Anyone who consider himself to be development - oriented personality and ready to change his/her life for better.

Anyone who wants to learn English or anyone who needs English for his/her personal or professional purposes. 


Too often learners spend time learning the topics that they normally wouldn't use in daily conversation. Too often students learn grammar they don't need in regular communication. But we do appreciate your time and make the lessons useful. If you still have an association that learning, believe me it is not any longer like that. Learning English can be fun! But to take time and devotion is also an indispensable part of the process of learning. 

Do you really want to learn real spoken English for everyday situations? Then this course is exactly for you! You will learn a practical English in the context of conversatios: simple, fun and what is more important: effective.

English for daily life:

  • talking on the phone;
  • restaurants, cafes & shopping;
  • travel English;
  • hobbies & entertainment

Social English:

  • introductions and small talks;
  • agreeing / disagreeing;
  • giving opinions / advice;
  • asking & interrupting;
  • thoughts & feelings;
  • social networking.

What is intereting in this course is that among standard topics we pay attention to the following:

  • slang & euphemisms;
  • phrasal verbs & idioms;
  • provebs & sayings;
  • using vague language;
  • discourse markers.


  • Overcome language barriers - having even a basic grasp of the English language will help you talk to people from all over the world. Think of English as the bridge that allows you to cross over the language barrier.
  • Knowlegde of the basics of English opens the door to many oppornunities: work abroad, travel around the world, get a promotion or well-paid job. 
  • Improve understanding of spoken English - something as simple as, “Wazzup?” could open the door to getting to know someone better and make friends in the process.  Being able to take part in and understand these English conversations may lead to you getting a better understanding of the language and other people.
  • Acquire English skills in speaking, writing, reading and listening.

Do you still have any doubts about attending our course? Yes? No?

In any case, you are invited for a free lesson, which will help you to make the right desicion. We are waiting for you!